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Our Beliefs
What We Believe

About the Bible: The sole basis for everything that we believe as a church comes from the Bible.  We believe that the Bible is inspired by God, without error, and the final authority on all matters on which it bears.


About God: The Bible teaches that there is one true God, who is self-existent, eternal, immutable, infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and eternally existing in three distinct persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—each person possessing all the attributes of deity.


About God, The Father: the Bible teaches that the Father, the First Person of the Trinity, has decreed everything for His own glory.  We believe that He continually upholds, directs, and governs all things, yet in no way the author or approver of sin.


About God, The Son: The Bible teaches that Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, existed from all eternity, and is fully God and fully man. We believe Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life on earth, voluntarily paid for our sin by dying on the cross as our perfect substitute, was buried, rose bodily from the dead three days later, and ascended into heaven where He is now seated at the right hand of the Father on high as our great High Priest and Advocate.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the world’s only hope for salvation, and trust that He will return to earth one day to consummate history.


About God, The Holy Spirit: The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, is the one who draws sinners to Christ and applies salvation. Subsequent to salvation, we Believe the Holy Spirit indwells and permanently seals every believer.  Throughout the Christian life, He also guides, comforts, and equips them for personal growth and service.


About Man: The Bible teaches that God created humans to have fellowship with him, but they defied God by sinfully disobeying His commands and seeking to crown themselves king in His place . As a result of our sin, man is now totally depraved and in desperate need of God’s saving grace (which can only be found in Jesus Christ).


About Salvation: The Bible teaches that salvation comes only through God’s grace — not of human effort — and must be received personally by trusting in Christ alone.


About The Church: The Bible teaches that there are two aspects of the church: the universal church (which is made up of all those who have trusted Christ as Savior) and local churches (communities of Christ followers in a particular geographic location).  We believe the primary function of the local church is to be an outpost of God’s kingdom that shines forth the light of gospel into a dark and broken world, equips and matures disciples of Jesus Christ, and glorifies God together in community.

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