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What to expect:

We meet Thursday nights at The Grove from 6:45pm-9pm. 
Beginning with a group social-based activity and free food, we aim to get every individual who enters our doors connected with another young adult. This transitions to a brief message based on a passage of scripture and with real-world context of this applies to daily life. 
We then break into small groups, with coordinators who have studied the scripture present to guide discussion and ensure intentionality and authenticity. Small groups offer a safe space for all young adults to ask whatever questions they may have and discuss the scripture in real world applications. 
The night ends by reuniting as one group and closing with announcements and prayer.
Every month, we have social or service-based activity where we go out into the community and connect with one another. 
We also have monthly guest speakers, and weekly Young Adult Spotlights – highlighting those who are part of our ministry!



Creating a safe place for young adults to dive into the scripture, ask real questions, and discover who they are through Christ. 
Being a young adult is challenging and oftentimes confusing, especially considering the pull often felt between our faiths and the world around us. 
On top of this, this age holds many life transitions: College? Career? Self-identity? We aim to create a foundation for young adults to learn about Christ through the context of scripture, growing into people with a purpose.



Regardless of who you are or where you’ve been, you have a place here.
This is a ministry that will meet you where you’re at, love you unconditionally, and support you through all of life’s steps.


If you have never heard about Jesus before, have been a follower of Christ for all your life, or are questioning what you believe – there is something for you. 
Grow in your relationship with Jesus, dive deeper into your faith, and build meaningful connections with other young adults. 





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