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What makes Frankenmuth Bible Church unique?

If you join us for the first time, you’ll notice that there’s something about our church that’s distinctly different.   In order to better help you get a flavor for what makes us unique, we’ve assembled a list of core values below that help to shape our approach toward ministry:

Truth – “Our Source Is the Bible”

At our church, we believe it’s important to submit ourselves to the ultimate source of truth: the word of God.  We don’t want you to believe what we teach simply because we say so, but instead, we encourage you to weigh everything that we say in light of what the scriptures teach (Acts 17:11). Because of these convictions, we are committed to expository preaching/teaching on Sunday mornings, Bible study (through our various ministries and in our Community Groups), and Sunday morning classes for Children that are firmly centered upon developing a deep understanding of the Bible.

Worship – “Our Delight Is God’s Glory”

Every time we gather for worship on Sunday mornings, we relish the opportunity to magnify the greatness of God through corporate praise.  Because worship is ultimately an expression of adoration toward God, the posture of our congregation in corporate worship is one of genuine love and devotion.  If you join us on this Sunday morning, don’t be surprised to see people with arms raised, eyes closed, and hearts that are passionately praising Jesus Christ!

Relevancy – “Our Message Is Practical”

One of the most distinguishing aspects of our church, is that we believe that the message of the Bible is full of unchanging truths that apply to people in every context and throughout every generation.  In light of this, we strive to make the messages on Sunday mornings relevant, practical, and applicable to every day life.  Our goal is to make sure that each and every person who gathers with us on Sunday Mornings not only understands more of “what” the Bible teaches, but “why” it’s important for their life.

Authenticity – “Our Actions Are Genuine”

In the midst of a culture that’s often filled with skepticism, we believe one of the most important components of our ministry is the fact that we actually mean (and believe) what we say!  At Frankenmuth Bible Church, we aren’t just going through the motions.  As a church, we firmly hold to the truth of the gospel, and believe that by God’s grace and through the enablement of the Holy Spirit, we will be a people who are being transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ each day for God’s glory.

Community – “Our Approach Is Life-Together”

At Frankenmuth Bible Church, we believe that life change happens best in community.  To that end, we regularly center everything that we do (worship, teaching, fellowship, outreach, evangelism, prayer, etc.) around community life.  If you are considering Frankenmuth Bible Church, we strongly encourage you to pursue community living with us, by gathering regularly for worship and joining one of our Community Groups.